INNER POWER(The World’s Healthiest Food Formulated) 
Inner Power – contains proper and balance nutrition. It is a stem cells enhancer, it is considered as the most healthy and nutritious food on earth. It is made up of highly nutritious food ingredients like fruits, vegetable legumes, root crops, honey propolis, sea weeds and fructoligosacharides.

Also the most healthy food nutrient formulated to nourish the body, to produce plasma and to stimulate the bone marrow to replicate the stem cells through the process of mitosis and to become mature blood cells. This process continue upon consuming Inner Power.

The blood cells composed of 3 components:
  • RBC(Red Blood Cell) – Erythrocytes
  • Platelets – Thrombocytes
  • WBC(White Blood Cell) – Leukocytes
Inner power – Stimulate your body to boost or reproduce your erythrocytes, thrombocytes and leukocytes as an immune response.
Two types of Leukocytes:
  • Granulocytes – contains granules
  • Agranulocytes – don’t have granules
  • Granulocytes - live for an hour or 10 to 18 hours only, then they die
    • Neutrophils – phagocytosis
    • Basophils – phagocytosis, allergic response, protect from parasite
    • Eosinophils – allergic response, phagocytosis
  • Agranulocytes – may live for a years or lifetime
  • Lymphocytes – cellular and humoral immune response
  • B Cells
  • T Cells + Tymosine -> Killer cells – kills virus infected cells, tumor cells & transplanted grafts
  • Monocytes – phagocytes; cellular immune response
  • Matured to become macrophages – repair of damages tissue
Functions of blood components:
  • The red blood cells are the carrier of oxygen and maintain acid base balance & nutrient supplier.
  • The platelet helps to prevent hemorrhages.
  • The white blood cells are the soldiers of the body, they protect us from invasive microorganism to repair the damaged organ and destroy new mutated cells like cancers.
They are the family of immune system
Note: Regarding the principle of WBC or the immune system.
The higher the number; the greater the resistance to infection. In other words, if your WBC are out of number to the invasive microorganism you are prone to manifest serious diseases. But if you have enough or more than enough of matured immune response; you are free from diseases.
Dietary habits to reduce diseases:
  • Avoid intake of animal fat or fatty foods
  • Avoid nitrates or preservatives (process meat, corned beef, tocino, sausages, bacon, longganisa, meatloaf, ham, artificial sugar from softdrinks, food coloring, flavoring caffeine, coffee, fructose & etc.)
  • Reduce intake of red meat
  • Limit alcohol consumption and cigarettes
  • Eat a lot of bran
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, oats and legumes
  • Eat foods high contents of vitamins
  • Avoid free radicals
(Best choice for Dyspepsia and for cleansing diet)

INNER POWERis a complete and perfect food. The researcher, discovered that INNER POWER can repair/rejuvenate our vital body organs to function normally. The mixture of different kinds of  vegetables, legumes, root crops, royal jelly, honey propolis, fruits, enzymes, co-enzymes, sea ionic minerals, fibers and fructoligosaccharides is a great food nutrients for the following:

1. Dengue fever
36. For paralytic patient
2. It normalize red blood cell (hemoglobin), platelet and white blood cell.
37. Can burn fats
3. Hyper acidic/dyspepsia (fatty liver) (Pangangasim ng sikmura at kabag)
38. Booster for the reproduction of lacto bacilli inour digestive system
4. Ulcer
39. Anti-aging
5. Steven-Johnson Syndrome
40. It helps to increase your sexual libido
6. Migraine (headache)
41. Anti-stress
7. Inhibits the development of infection
42. For liver cirrhosis and hepatitis
8. Rapid wound healing
43. For heart, pancreas and kidney function
9. Burned patient
44. Insomnia
10. Stop falling hair (Baldness)
45. Leg cramps
11. Prevent pimples
46. Heart enlargement
12. Energy booster (gaining extra strength)
47. This is good for an alcoholic and a chain-smoker person
13. Best for detoxification and cleansing diet
48. Anorexia nervosa (loss of appetite)
14. Sepsis/Bacteremia
49. Therapy for nervous breakdown
15. Jaundice
50. Prevent gall stone formation
16. Remedy for coughing and common colds
51. For mentally ill patients
17. Lower blood sugar (Diabetes Mellitus)
52. Emphysema
18. Food for the brain
53. Tuberculosis
19. Prevent and treat dystonia
54. For cancer patient (inner power for immune booster combined with anti-neoplastic agent)
20. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease (ulyanin)
55. Hernia
21. Prevent cancer
56. Yellow Fever
22. Carpal tunnel syndrome (Pasma / muscular weakness)
57. Edema
23. Increase immune system
58. Urinary Track Infection / Kidney Problem
24. Muscle pain (back pain, lumbar pain & chest pain)
59. Multiple Sclerosis
25. Gas pain
60. Diminished aging spots
26. Can lessen your flatulence
61. Asthma
27. Prevent arteriosclerosis
62. Malnourishment
28. Can lower blood cholesterol
63. Beriberi
29. Can prevent hypertension
64. Bronchitis
30. Can prevent arthritis
65. Constipation
31. Sustain long life
66. Low sperm count
32. Anti-oxidant
67. Lumpus Erythematosus
33. Memory enhancer
68. Goiter
34. Anemia
69. Glaucoma
35. Can neutralized free radical (pollution, toxic substance)
70. Helps to normalized Creatinine
  • Helps to nourish the patient to become healthy for resistance against diseases
  • Stimulates and increase stem cells reproduction by the process of mitosis.
  • Enhances the rapid maturity of stem cells for the production of mature platelets, red blood cells  & White blood cells, needed by the immune system.
  • Tissue & nerve enhancer
  • To enhance the proper transmission of electro waves from the brain to the different parts of the body organ.
  • Protect the cell membrane from weakening.

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